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So my BFG gts 250 1gb has problems. While doing intensive operations (gaming, benchmarking) the display suddenly goes to sleep and I am unable to reawaken it, forcing me to power off the PC and restart. The funny thing is, if I set the fan with MSI afterburner to run continuously at around 80% it stays stable while gaming (a lot of Bad Company 2 for instance). Which leads me to think its a heat issue. But then when I run the Sniper Elite Benchmarking tool or something similar it crashes within seconds. It wont crash while running Furmark even when it peaks out at about 73 degrees C, but again Lost Planet 2 benchmark, Sniper Elite or even sometimes 3d mark Vantage it will. Ive read on the Diablo 3 forums people having similar problems. Anyone else out there still using a GTS 250 and can relate? Is it a dodgy driver issue? (Im using the latest update).

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  1. What you describe sounds exactly like a failing overclock. Stress testers like furmark sometimes miss failure points that games hit. Even Team Fortress 2 for me is better at stress testing than running furmark.
    Have you checked for dust issues in your pc? I'm assuming you've been running it for a while.
  2. actually, no, it was bought second hand so only been running it about a week. I have not overclocked it. would this mean the previous owner has overclocked it into the ground? I have check it and it is relatively dust free.
  3. What is the power supply inside your computer? 73C is not that hot.
  4. its a 430w with around 30a on the 12v. If you read the rest of my post you will see I suspect it is not a heat issue. Its also a pretty minimal rig before you ask
  5. chairmandrew said:
    its a 430w with around 30a on the 12v. If you read the rest of my post you will see I suspect it is not a heat issue. Its also a pretty minimal rig before you ask

    You have no idea how easy you made my life right there. People are always like "uhh it says 110V hgjioelkhgnifdeog" and gives no relevant information. Thank you SO much for actually giving information that is....well.....informative.

    Anyway, I've got 2 GTS 250's, but they arent being used. I'm probably going to install them though, since they are not being used. When I was using them, both of them worked without flaw. Kinda like tanks actually.

    You could try something simple and maybe re-install the drivers.
  6. reinstalling drivers is a fair call. I guess I should add that before having the gts in the system when there was a 4850 in there there was the problem of the computer going to sleep like they normally do but being unable to wake it. I remedied this obviously by setting power options to never go to sleep. So I guess the problem with the gts 250 is that it is randomly forcing the system into sleep mode at the times described in my first post. Strange, no?...

    Quick edit: Should also explain that when I say sleep mode, it is only the display, the system itself is not shutting down. i.e fans still blowing etc...
  7. So just to clarify in control panel you have the computer set to both never sleep and never turn off the display yet the display still seems to turn off?
  8. correct, but it only turns off if Im running benchmarking programs or playing games with the fan at auto settings
  9. That's just odd. Hmm. I'm going to have to think about this.
  10. So it really doesn't like Metro 2033. Gonna need to cough up and replace this thing.
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