Can't get 5ch audio via HDMI out of ASUS Motherboard on-board audio

Not sure if this is just a configuration issue, or if it's a failure of the most up-to-date driver.

I have a HTPC setup. PC includes an ASUS MB with on-board video and audio, including options for either separated analog 7.1 audio out or HDMI out (among other output options). Current setup routes Audio and Video via HDMI to Pioneer VSX-1020 A/V receiver, and routes video from there to HDTV via another HDMI cable. OS is Win7 Ultimate x64, w/SP1.

Exact model for mb is here: ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 AM3

When I play audio files, the receiver can fake the signal into all 5 channels (I don't have a sub, so the .1 is not relevant here), so there's no issue of the receiver not accessing the available speakers.

The main issue is this: When I look into the Sound Control Panel, under Playback Devices, the active/default device is ATI HDMI Output. Also listed are Speakers (not plugged in), Realtek Digital Output and Realtek Digitial Output (Optical). I do not have any analog cables plugged in, nor do I have an S/PDIF (optical/coax) connected. The HDMI works, but only gives me the option of Stereo (2ch). When I go to the Configure screen for the ATI HDMI Output, I see a list of Audio Channels, but that list ONLY contains Stereo.

This is where I'm confused. I've looked through the other threads on this, but haven't found a good answer that addresses this problem. Some came close, but most folks were complaining about lack of 5.1 via S/PDIF, whereas I'm using HDMI. The most commonly suggested solution was to update to the latest version of the driver. I've done that. It did not solve the problem.

I was under the impression that HDMI would pass the entire signal on, so I'm confused why Windows thinks I only have 2 channels available. This problem is independent of any individual video file, and I've verified that even with my highest quality videos, which DO contain 7.1ch audio data, will only play through my front 3 speakers, despite the presence of my back 2 surrounds.

I'm not what other configurations to check here. I know the MB is CAPABLE of outputting up to 7.1, but what gives with the failure of HDMI? Is this a known-issue with this particular motherboard, or am I just too stupid to make it work?

Please let me know if there's any info I'm missing in here. All help and thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Exactly the same issue here. I'm using the ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe V3 motherboard.

    I've looked everywhere and can't find a soultion. Yes I'm running the latest bios and drivers etc.

    I can resplit the sound at the reciever end, but not quite the same thing.

    In short I want to know how to change it from stereo out for the HDMI channel in windows.
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