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Which is better upgrade for gaming a rig?

My friend is planning on upgrading his CPU in his gaming rig from a core 2 duo. He has ~$240 to spend, and he currently has a gtx460.

Which upgrade would be better?

fx-8350 $199


fx-8150 and liquid cooling unit $189

I would think the 8350 would be better since Piledriver>Bulldozer, and also since I've heard liquid cooling isn't significantly more effective than air unless it's an open loop system.

Which would be better to buy? My friend will definitely be overclocking.
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    Why not the i5-3570k ?
    Just saying, the i5 is a good cpu for gaming, the best for it, if he wants an amd cpu, tell him to get the FX-8350, it's much better than the FX-8150, the only option between the two.
    And get an aircooler like the hyper 212 evo or better like the noctua nh-d14 or phanteks.
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  3. he could get a FX4100 and upgrade to a 660, and enjoy great gaming speeds.
  4. $240 on the CPU or $240 total? Whether he goes AMD or Intel, he needs a new motherboard and probably RAM.
  5. GTX460 is not a good GPU. Upgrading to a new CPU seems like a waste of money.
    Also what J_E_D_70 said.
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