PSU help for a Redeon XFX HD 7850

I was wondering if I replace the 2 GTS 450 with a single Redeon XFX HD 7850 will I have to put out for a bigger PSU and what PSU size would I need ?

I heard it only takes 130Watt? Oh and I will not be Overclocking it just stock speed.

Below is my setup

Thermaltake Armor+ Full tower black, W7 Windows 7 64bit , Intel DP55KG extreme , Intel i5-650 duo core 3.2GHZ, 600Watt PSU, 8GB RAM, Nividia GTS 450 1gb x2 SLI
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  1. Your PSU is good enough for the HD 7850. You will be fine with the upgrade.
  2. Which PSU do you have?

    Chances are that if you were able to run 2 GTS450's, then you would be able to run a 7850. I wouldnt worry.
  3. the 7850 uses only slightly more power than 1 gts450. You'd have no problem running it.
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