Can I use Asus ENGTX 550 Ti with my Intel D945GCL motherboard

I have an Intel D945GCL motherboard with 2GB RAM and 265MB onboard VGA. I need to set a new VGA. I've already chosen Asus ENGTX 550 Ti, but I don't know one thing, that is "Is it compatible with my Motherboard?" I have a PCI-E x16 slot. I have a PSU which can supply a ~230V 50Hz line. Can I use ENGTX 550 Ti on my motherboard, If not recommend me another VGA.
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  1. the gpu will be compatible to your motherboard but your psu might not be enough.

    how many watts is it?
  2. esrever said:
    the gpu will be compatible to your motherboard but your psu might not be enough.

    how many watts is it?

    It is 450W according to the label

    And also it Says: PEAK LOAD 450W
  3. You should be fine with that card, but Why not opt for a HD 6850? It's faster than a GTX 550 Ti and cost around the same.

    This card is $135 after rebate. You PSU would handle this card too.
  4. a 7770 would also be a good card
  5. I'd say go for either the 6850 or the 7770, but my vote goes for the 6850, because its faster and more often than not comes with a free game.

    They go on sale often. Also the 7770 is a good choice. Both are better than the 550Ti.
  6. How much is the power required for Asus ENGT 440(Fermi) 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 VGA?
  7. That depends. How much do you have now? Anything under 300W is going to be pushing it.
  8. My power supply is 450W, 6A, 50Hz, ~230V
  9. HD6850 and HD7770 are don't have a VGA port. My monitor has a VGA jack. And also I need a VGA that suitable for 400W power supply.
  10. The HD 7770 would work with your 400W fine and all cards today come with a DVI to VGA adapter too. ;)

    This is the adapter I'm talking about.

  11. the card should come with a DVI to vga adapter either way so you shouldn't have to worry.
  12. How many amps on the 12V rail do you have?

    It should be enough.
  13. Yo, Thank you for that Great Fact!! By the way, What about EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti?
  14. The HD 6850 will still outperform it. If you are on a budget, I would suggest this one. This one is already factory OC'ed and would whomp the GTX 550 Ti for about the same price and it would run cool as well.

    This may push your PSU to it's limits, so I would go with this instead, it will still outperform the GTX 550 Ti and cost the same too.
  15. I checked out HD6850, I found a ribbon like thing called as "CrossFire Bridge". What is it? And also HD6850 has a 6pin power socket, but My PSU hasn't a 6pin jack. What should I do now?
  16. That would be a crossfire bridge used to link 2 cards for crossfire (2 cards running at once). Since your PSU does not have a PCI-E power connector, then you are limited to the HD 7750 as the GTX 550 Ti also requires that connector.

    Go with this and it should perform nearly as well as the GTX 550 Ti
  17. I've heard that Geforce is better than Raedon is it True?
  18. It depends, it's always been a back and forth tug of war since the 90's. At your budget range, the AMD GPU's dominate. As I mentioned earlier, since you don't have the PCI-E power connecter needed for the GTX 550 Ti, you will be limted to the HD 7750 unless you upgrade your PSU to a better and more powerful one.
  19. Some VGAs come with a 6pin power connector. So I think HD6850 also comes with a 6pin connector. Am I right?
  20. Yes, as I said, you will be limited to the HD 7750 for lacking the 6 pin connector.
  21. That means, HD 7750 requires no power connector?
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    How much is the power required for Asus ENGT 440 1GB VGA
  23. "How many amps on the 12V rail do you have? " I can't understand 12V rails
  24. Yes, the HD 7750 requires no PCI-E power connectors and you will be fine with the HD 7750 with your current PSU.
  25. OK, finally I chose EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti FPB. what do you think about it.
  26. I'd recommend going with a 7770.
  27. It needs a 450W power supply.
  28. Since you do not have the PCI-E power connector, I would suggest the HD 7750. The only exception is that if you do use the Molex to PCI-E adapter that usually comes with the cards, make sure it's connected to it's own rail. This means you cannot have another else connected on that rail (Single cord with all the Moles connectors.) as the GPU will need that rail for it to work.

    This is the Adapter I am talking about that usually comes with the cards.

    This is what I mean that it should use it's own rail line. make sure nothing is connected to this cable, you can connect fans, that's it, nothing else, use another Molex line cable for your HDD, DVD/CD drives.

  29. HD 7770 needs a 450W power supply, my maximum power supply is also 450W. Isn't there any problem?
  30. If you have a good brand PSU, then it should work fine, if it's a generic one, then I would go for the HD 7750 to be safe.
  31. How to know "How many amps on the 12V rail do youI have?"
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