Homemade Test Bench

So i wanted a test bench, but didn't want to spend a lot of money. After seeing these go from 40$ to 300$, i figured that i could build my own out of an old case i had lying around, so i gave it my best crack and came up with this...

Let me know what you think

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  1. Pretty cool. Good job.

    BTW, that looks like an old style "lunch box" system. What did it start out as?
  2. nice job - where's the color choice come from?
  3. Yeah looks good but what's the point, you can just test the parts your testing in the machine they are already in.

    Back in the day a test bed was ONE mobo that you could test everything with.

    It's not like that today, you need several AMD mobo's and several Intel motherobards to test all the different cpu's. So you'll be constantly installing a different mobo.
  4. Nice, would be a useful bit of kit for someone constantly benching hardware.

    Add a wooden board or rubber feet to the bottom to make sure it wont short out to a metal table or something and it would be perfect. Maybe rig up something to support dual rad water coolers like a H100?
  5. If you're not testing different mobos and/or CPUs, it looks fine. I use the case in my profile photo; I mostly test drives and RAM on it, maybe an occasional video card.
  6. Sorry I've been away for a while, but its cut up from an old hp case i had laying around. I use it to test mainly video cards so i usually keep the same mobo and psu in, but recently i ordered a used mobo/cpu/ram/and psu so i hooked it all in there before i wasted the time making it all tidy in a case. So far it's been a huge help. And to answer a few questions: I chose the bright orange because i figured dropped screws would be easy to spot, also i didnt take photos of it but there are rubber feet on the bottom.
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