Gt 220 or hd 5450 ?

Which good for overall ? gt 220 or hd 5450 ?
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  1. gt220 all the way. hd5450 is garbage
  2. For gaming? Neither.

    For stuff, The GT220 is better than the 5450.
  3. planning to change gt220 to 8800 GTS
  4. Do you have these cards already? Are you going to be gaming? Do you have a budget?
  5. i have 4 already.. all used gpu from other freind.
  6. other gpu is gt 430. so i'm planning....
  7. Well of those, the 8800GTS is the best, but you are going to need a better power supply to run it I'm assuming.
  8. 450w enought ?
  9. Depends, what kind of 450W? If its a good one, sure. If its some lame generic one, then I would upgrade it.
  10. yeah, finally i got the truth,,,
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