Computer stuck at Boot up screen (BIOS) and sometimes Loading Windows

Hey all, I'm a new member, and I mainly joined this forum because I've had a persisting problem for quite some time.

Awhile back, I upgraded my HDD to an SSD

After installing the SSD, I did all my formatting and stuff, and then i proceeded to install Bioshock 2 (I needed something to play until Diablo 3 come out) and then after installing the game and running it, the game crashed my computer and i was like, okay whatever. So i uninstalled it and since then, every so often, my computer would get stuck at the BIOS screen (press delete to enter bios set up), but thing is, it doesnt happen ALL the time. when it does happen, however, I would have to restart the computer, which isnt a big deal, except for the times when it would happen 5 times in a row. and on top of that, every so often, I would get caught in the Loading Windows screen, but it doesn't stay stuck, it would only be stuck for about 1-2 minutes. (separate problem I think). I posted this in the graphics card section because I was looking online and my first problem might be caused by a bad graphics card (assuming Bioshock 2 screwed it up), but it wouldn't explain my Loading Windows screen lag, not only that, sometimes my SSD lags a bit when I watch videos or play games, its very noticeable when im playing music and itll buzz my music for a second or so.

I've tried reformatting my computer, I've tried resetting the motherboard (the thing where you hold the power button for 20 seconds after unplugging the PSU) but nothing seems to work, and nobody is able to help me out either. I'm hoping somebody can shed some light on this issue I'm having.

My hardware specs are as follows..

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

CPU Type: AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad Core Processor

CPU Speed: 3.62 ghz

System Memory: 7.95gb

Video Card Model: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560

Video Card Memory: 3.97 gb

Video Card Driver: nvd3dum.dll

Desktop Resolution: 1366x768
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  1. Oh! I forgot some other info

    My motherboard is ASUS M5A97
    my SSD is Crucial M4 64 gb
    my graphics card is ASUS GTX 560 DirectCUIIOC
  2. You could try benchmarking your SSD coz it looks like the SSD is the problem. This happened to me too and it was my HDD that has erratic reading times. You could try copying files and look at the rate of file copying if it drops, you could try a benchmarking software called AS SSD too. And WOW that spec is overkill for a 1366x768 display XD .
  3. Make sure you set AHCI in your BIOS as SSD's need it set to function properly, it should look something like this in your BIOS. You can also try clearing your CMOS, but make sure to set AHCI afterwards as well.

  4. thanks for the suggestions guys, ill try them out soon. is there anything else i should try? oh and my 1355x768 display is a 32 inch tv haha, 720p. actually...i even have issues with this display too, but ill talk about that later. my computer is just full of problems =|

    Edit: okay So i tried to go into the BIOS and make sure it was in AHCI, and turns out it already is, so i guess that isnt the problem :(


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