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Geforce GTX 550 Ti - Power Supply

Hello, I want to upgrade my graphics card, and am looking at the GTX 550 Ti. My power supply right now is waaay too low. It is 250W. I have a Gateway DX4850 and no NOTHING about my motherboard, so I have NO CLUE on what powersupply to get! Help me out! Heres all the info I could find about my motherboard:

heres the card I want, btw
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  1. A corsair cx430 would suffice. A cx500 will keep your safer.

    However, the gtx550 ti is not the best bang for buck at the moment. A gtx460/hd6850 would perform much better for only $10-20 extra.
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    Your computer fits within the ATX spec, meaning it will take an ATX specification power supply. Not to worry though, there are a ton of them out there.

    First of all, I would highly recommend the 7770 over the 550Ti. Its faster and about the same price as the 550Ti, and usually comes with a free game. You could also go for the 6850, which is even better.

    Not all power supplies are made equally. Just like cars, some are made like crap, and some are made with quality workmanship and components.

    Good companies are PC Power & Cooling, Corsair, Seasonic, and Antec. There's other ones, but those are the main renowned brands.

    This is a good power supply if you are on a budget. One of the best there is.
  3. I really want the GTX 550 Ti, so is 500W enough for that card?
  4. Plenty.
  5. and are you positive the the CX500 is compatible with my motherboard? and with this EXACT card?

    I want everything to work perfect, no problems.
  6. yes your case and motherboard are compatible to any atx psu.
  7. 100% certain.
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