Trying to find out if my dell power supply is standard or proprietary

I am trying to figure out if my power supply in my xps 730 is standard or dell proprietary.
Model: H1000e - 01
p/n: HP-s1k03a001 lf

I have read the same number of posts in different forums telling me that it is proprietary and not proprietary.
Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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    If your Psu's pins differ from this example then its a dellup, or proprietary Psu,

  2. Thank you for the quick response.
    I will take a look at the pins.
  3. I had a look and it was very close, I noticed there are two red lines in the in the first +5vdc on and two orange cables going into the second +3.3vdc on the side without the clamp.
    Thank you again for the help.
  4. Hi

    I did a quick search for Dell documentation for XPS which said the PSU is rated at 1 KW

    does it use a standard IEC connector on its power cable/socket in PSU ?
    Some high power Dells use a larger connector for their power supplies

    Have you checked with Dell for the cost of a genuine replacement against the cost of a good quality 1 KW PSU

    In UK cost starts at about £100 but reliable brands £150 to £200 ( UK pounds)


    Mike Barnes
  5. Hi,
    It is a standard IEC connector.
    The issue is kind of opposite, the power supply is good, I am putting in a new mother board, and do not want to pay for a new power supply on top if it if I can at all avoid it.

    Thank you for your help
  6. Hi

    You can get a power supply tester which checks the voltages on 20/24 pin motherboard connector, ATX 4/8 12V, PCIe 12V (graphics card connectors)
    molex, floppy and SATA connectors which will give a good indication of compatibility.

    also look for any non standard connectors not mentioned above.

    UK examples of testers


    Mike Barnes
  7. Hi Mike,
    Thank you for that link I am going to go that route to make sure.
    Again thank you for your help,
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