Do I need fan headers?

Hi, I'm building a PC and wondering if the motherboard that I am looking at can power the fans.


Case: or I haven't decided


Might get another 120mm fan. Will i be able to power the fans from the motherboard or can I power them from the psu, I aren't bothered about them running at max speed or monitoring them.
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  1. It looks like you have two fan headers other than your CPU fan header.

    You could put a splitter on each of those two for 4 fans.

    You could also connect to your PSU. (May need an adapter though)
  2. what sort of adapter do i need?

    Also where abouts on the board are the two fan headers, I know where the cpu fan connector is but I can't see the others?
  3. One example:

    At your link, they are positioned along the bottom of the pic they show.
  4. thanks im going to try to find an adapter that i can get in Britain how many fans can my motherboard support?
  5. I would feel safe with two per fan header, using splitters, and bunches of fans on your PSU.
  6. think that's what ill go with. thanks for your help.
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