Dead Video card ?

I am testing my GTX 460 sonic if it's dead coz it doesn't have display. The PC boots on windows fine coz I can hear the booting sound. I've tried booting with my onboard and video card both on and set the display to onboard, windows detects the onboard, which is HD 4250, but it cannot detect my GTX 460 sonic . Could my GTX 460 be dead ? and is there a way to flash the BIOS of GTX 460 without the windows detecting it? I am hoping that it's not dead and just a corrupted video card BIOS.

And, I bought it from a guy and it's got a Deepcool VGA cooler with it but I can't identify what it is. I think it's from the Vx000 series coz it has dual fans and 5 heat pipes but I can't find it on their website. V2000 has 2 heat pipes, V4000 has 4 and V6000 has 6. Does anyone know what this VGA cooler is ?

Specs :
Asrock 880GM-LE
Athlon II x2 245 @3.3
GTX 460 Sonic
2GB Kingston Hyper X @7-7-7-1T @1.65V
Thermaltake 600W

The problem began when I was downloading a mod for Skyrim and the PC turned off all of a sudden. The other 2GB RAM stick, I think, is fried coz the PC won't boot if I put it in.
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  1. You can try using Driver Sweeper to uninstall the current GPU driver, reboot, then install the latest driver. Then You can try clearing your CMOS (disconnect power, then pull out the button cell battery, wait a few minutes, then put it back on mobo). If the card is dusty, cleaning it would help if it's overheating. You can run a memtest to test your RAM.

    You can also try flashing the latest/different BIOS that's made specifically for your GPU. If all else fails, then it's most likely the GPU needs to be replaced. You can try testing the card in another computer too.
  2. From what you said you do not get any Video out put even though the POST is that correct? In that case I would say it is a dead card as you have not even got to the part that would need drivers. When say that Windows does not detect it do you mean that Device Manager does not find it at all or the drivers do not detect it or both?
  3. @El Tigre
    I've already tried Driver Sweeper, resetting CMOS and BIOS, changed the thermal paste of SB and NB of the MOBO and the GPU's VGA cooler but nay. I am asking how can I flash the card BIOS without the windows detecting it coz I don't know how so can you please tell me how ?

    I think POST doesn't detect the card and Device Manager doesn't detect the card, only detects the onboard. I've tried disabling the onboard and put the card and Windows boots fine but no display output. Tried both onboard and card on, selected onboard/PCI/PCI-E as main display, Windows boots, has display but does not detect GTX 460.

    I think it might be the PCI-E slot that is dead and not the card coz the RAM slot where the stick got fried is dead too. When I put the working RAM on that slot it doesn't work. If I'm lucky, my cousin would let me borrow his MOBO to try the card. I hope it's the PCI-E slot coz I'm planning to sell the card.
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