Linksys e4200 Or Belkin N750DB

So i have narrowed it down to either the linksys e4200 or the belkin n750db. I have heard mixed reviews about both of these routers. after having a netgear wndr 3700 v2 with major issues even after flashing it with ddwrt its time to move on. I have heard reviews that the e4200 is extremely fast but have also heard the belkin n750db has even faster throughput. Has anyone has success with either of these routers?


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  1. i have been using cisco and linksys for years. i try to select wifi routers that have antenna on the outside vs the ones that are on the inside. apart from that i don't think most residential brands have much difference.
  2. I would agree that I also prefer external antennas, but since having both the Asus RT-N56U and currently E4200 I have been very pleased with them. The Belkin n750db is an RT-N56U with newer hardware, only thing is that these two units are not currently supported by DD-WRT, someone had donated an RT-N56U router to the DD-WRT group but no sign of progress has been yet stated. As for the E4200 I have been happy with it and has been solid since day one (no reboots or having to recycle power, and resets). I have been tempted to throw DD-WRT on the E4200 but I have been a bit nervous in possibly bricking the unit considering what I paid for it.
  3. if you are handy with a soldering iron you can spend a few bucks at radio shack and use a parallel port to unbrick a router. ive done it before. transfer speeds are around 3 bytes/s but it will get the job done.
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