Can I hook up an old router to a hub to act as a relay?

I have an old WRT54GS v6 that's sitting around collecting dust. I wondered if it's possible to plug it into the wired hub ( I have in my basement where the wireless is somewhat weak) to get the signal a bit stronger down here?

I guess the operative terminology is 'wireless access point' I've found some instructions but they all say to connect the access point directly to the gateway via cat-5.. hoping I can do so with a hub. If not.. could I just switch the hub and the access point in the setup?
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  1. Your idea can be done, but you'd have to use a crossover cable. The best thing to do is to just install an access point in or near the basement. You could connect the old router as an access point, but this requires connecting the two routers with a cat 5 cable. Keep in mind that some household appliances (microwaves, cordless phones, etc) can interfere with the signal from the wireless router.
  2. I agree with T_T, but I think you mean that the hub in the basement is connected the primary router already. If this is correct you could connect the old router to that set it to AP mode and you should be off and running.
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