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hello, I having a problem with the on-board graphics as the motherboard will not let me choose anything higher than 256MB of ram to be used for the on-board.
I have search in the bios but I do not understand Msi configuration and somewhat new with on-board graphics. the Motherboard and Cpu should be able to handle at least low end gaming with the on-board the Cpu is a Qaudcore I5 Ivy Bridge clocked at 3.1Ghz and the board is MSI Z77A-G43 links will below of the exact specs.

My question is there some way to unlock the board to provide more ram for the on-board graphics or are the parts just unable to do it?

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  1. It would be best to buy a discrete GPU, if you are on a low budget, an HD 7750 is the best card to get, what is the budget you are willing to support, onbaord GPU's are junk for gaming.
  2. The On-board is just for now while I save for a better video card but it would be nice to at least play some games.
  3. Then your best bet is to keep saving up as onboard GPU's are junk for gaming. I know it sucks, but maybe by the year 2020 will see onboard GPU's be good for gaming, lol
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