FX-8120 and coolers, weird problems.

Hello, I own a FX-8120 on a GA-970A-DS3 board. My problems started when i was using a TX3 evo CM cooler. While running a OCCT test, i noticed that, while reaching certain temps (46ºC, everytime at 2 min mark), the temp dropped down to 39ºC, and the pc started to whistle.

After running some more tests, i decided just to change the cooler to the stock amd cooler, the problem dissapeared, it runs stable at 47-48ºC. After that, I thought that the tx3 would be defective, so i decided to replace it. I bought a Noctua nh-u9b, and what's my surprise when i decide to install it and find out that i have the same problem that with the tx3!! :(

I'm really confused now, any ideas of what this can be?

Thank you.
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  1. could it be coil whine that comes form the motherboard maybe non stock coolers cause coil whine look up coil whine and see if its making the same sound your computer is making
  2. I don't think it's that. What worries me the most is the high temperature drop, and the difference between the stock and non stock coolers.

    Also the PC goes pretty dumb after that, sometimes freezing. I've only experienced that with programs like OCCT or Prime95, nothing weird after hours of gaming.

    Thank you.
  3. Take the time to look up exactly what cool and quiet does on an motherboard.

    First of all if the cpu gets to say a temp set up on cool and quiet it will throttle back the cpu speed to lower the heat build up. It does not care if you are running a burn in test it will do it regardless if cool and quiet is set up on the board.

    That temp drop is cool and quiet kicking in.

    Trying to cool the cpu, second of all it will also ramp the speed of the Fan automatically to get the heat away from the heat sink.

    Obviously change the setting in the bios on when cool and quiet kicks in.
    Or turn cool and quiet off in the bios settings of the board. Manualy set your fan speeds.
    It will also stop it from throttling the cpu speed. Or set the trigger in Celsius in the cool and quiet options in the bios settings of the board 60c is ok. Your default setting is probably a bit low so the reason for it all FYI. A trip to the bios me thinks! ;)
  4. I have cool & quiet and all the other power saving and warnings disabled in BIOS, that's not the problem, but thank you for your response :)
  5. Im having a few weird problems myself, like running to 65c with stock cooler and only while under 50% load, I feel something isn't correct with all these 8120s......
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