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I was going to get a Radeon 6670 GDDR3 for my pc(Pentium Dual-Core E6300 2.80GHz, 4GB RAM and Gigabyte G41M-Combo MOBO) and a friend of mine told me that I should get a Radeon 6770 so I want a second opinion. My budget is about 90 euro and the main purpose of my PC is for gaming(action games,strategic, MOBA mostly).
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  1. If your PSU is 350W or below, you will be limited to the HD 7750. If you have a PSU that is 450W and above, then the HD 6770 will be the better choice.
  2. I always forget to mention my PSU xD
    It's 400W. Which means it's better if i get the 7750?
  3. If your PSU has a PCI-E 6 pin power connector, then the best you can get is the HD 7770 as that also uses little power (much less than even the HD 6770). If you do not have a PCI-E 6 pin power connector, then you will be limited to the HD 7750.

    The HD 7770 does cost a bit more but is faster than the 6770 and uses less power and runs cooler. If you want the best possible with your current PSU, then the HD 7770 would be the one to go for.

    This site has em going for 95 Euro for the HD 7770.

  4. How do I check if my PSU has a PCI-E? I doubt it has though since I first bought my pc 2,5 years ago.
  5. Plus I probably can't order from that site since I live in Greece but thanks for helping so much non the less ^_^
  6. This is the connector you will need for the HD 7770. Your PSU will either have the 6 pin (The one on the left) or the 6+2 connector (The one one on the right). Either of these connectors will work with the HD 7770. Even if you can't order from there, it should give you an idea how much it cost.

  7. Turns out that my PSU has a 4 pin connector(hopefully I was looking at the right one). Should I get the 6770 then?
  8. No, if you do not have the connector pictured above, you will only be able to get the HD 7750 as the best card since it does not require a PCI-E connector.
  9. Ok one last question then. If I buy a new PSU how can I tell if it's going to have a PCI-E connection?
  10. It will tell you that in the details tab. Pretty much all modern PSU's above 400W have at least 1. (For some odd reason, few will not have one, but those are usually the cheapo ones and stay away from those too.)
  11. Ok thanks a lot. I will get a new SPU and the 6770( I wanted to get the 7770 but it's way out of my budget). :)
  12. Skatokefalos said:
    Ok thanks a lot. I will get a new SPU and the 6770( I wanted to get the 7770 but it's way out of my budget). :)

    You can budget a PSU and GPU, but you cannot budget a 7770? That must be one cheap PSU, and cheap PSU's are certainly NOT recommended.
  13. The PSU I'm going to is worth 50 euro and the 6770 is worth 90 euro because it's on a discount. The starting price was 120 euro and the 7770 is 130 so I can't get it. That's why
  14. And I also double checked the PSU and it's actually a really nice one
  15. hy , check msi ati radeon r5770 hwak it is better than 6770 or 7770. i get this card 2 month ago and i play need for speed the run , max payne 3 , crysis 2 on high settings.
  16. 5770 , 6770 or 7770 are the same cards not much different from each other
  17. There isn't an actual big difference between the 5770 and the 6770 but there is between those 2 and the 7770
  18. which games you want to play
  19. I don't have any specific except Darksiders 2 right now to be honest. Don't worry I have decided that I'll be getting the 6770 so the problem is solved ^_^
  20. There has been a situation. They run out of 6770 from the site I ordered the GPU and they said that another solution would be the sapphire 7750 and I want a second opinion. Should I go for the sapphire or should I look for a better one?
  21. 7750 is not a good card , the best choice will be 5770
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