Seagate hard drive

Hello,my hp
pavillion crashed!
(a6700f) I did a dianostic that suguested a new hard drive. ST3599620 620 AS
HP26. I need to know what to buy to replace it.
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  1. something like this--though you could get a larger size if you wanted
  2. What you're looking for is an internal hard disk drive (hdd), you get to choose "How big", "How fast", and "How much you want to spend"

    Western Digital Blues are usually a good balance of speed and reliability.
    Heres a list of drives sorted by reliability ratings on Newegg
  3. just to clarify that a little

    you want an internal hard disk drive--thats sata not ide

    though probably not many places selling ide ones nowadays but wouldnt want you to accidentally get an

    ide one

    and they go up to 4tb now

    but i would think if you go over 2tb you will have problems booting from it

    also do you have recovery media to install windows to a new hard drive?
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