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I've got a Sapphire HD 3850 AGP 512MB card running on a P4 2.8 with 2GB PC3200 RAM on an Abit Ai7 motherboard. The problem is severe artifacting during gameplay and upon the use of programs like maya and 3dmax and on random restarts during the boot screen. The temp is at 48c in standby and a little over 60c upon hardcore use.
I have tried: Different PSU, different drivers, reinstall of OS, added two more vents to keep the temp even lower (had no effect whatsoever)...

P.S. Artifacting even when entering bios and on windows load screen.
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  1. It sounds like your GPU is bad now, if it's still under Warranty, then you should RMA it ASAP!
  2. My thought also, I was hoping maybe for a miracle. It is not in warranty anymore. Thanks for bringing my a** back to reality. I will just spend more time reading now, seeing that I can't buy a new graphic card this year... or the next.

    I'am sorry for my lowskill in english writting.

    Have a good day and thanks for your fast replay.
  3. You're welcome, I'm sorry that you are having those issues. Good luck in saving up for a new GPU. Let us know when you have the money and we can help you choose a better one for your computer. I would recommend buying a new computer as well as your current one is quite outdated and is actually poor for the programs you use.
  4. Actually, go for a new build. There are no more new AGP card on the market for like 5 years now.
  5. It is true, I need a new build, but that would be an investment of at least 500 euro, money I lack for the time being. I was thinking of buying a new computer by components, but I'm not up to date with the latest changes, an that makes it almost imposible for me to think in those terms. :(
  6. My advice would be to set a goal. Lets say by New Years 2013, what is the max budget you think you can save up for? I can help you build a computer so that by that time, you can buy all the parts and enjoy your new computer.
  7. Well, first of all thanks for the help.
    I think I can manage, if I eat crumbs twice a week, to save up to 600 euro by the end of the year. I don't really care that much about games, but I use on a regular basis photoshop, illustrator, 3dmax and premiere pro. A computer that would help me work faster would help me to actually earn more money, so it's like an investment. But first and foremost, I really need it to be stable, I'm starting to lack the nerves to put up with blue screens and other mischief, after only a month or so of use.
  8. Then you best bet is to save up for a new mobo and CPU first. You will need a PCI-Express card as AGP has been dead for over half a decade now. An AMD Quad Core with mobo/RAM would be a good start if you are on a tight budget. Then a new PSU is in order followed by the GPU.

    You will need a powerful GPU since you are using 3DS Max and PS, a GPU with high number of VRAM and CUDA cores would make a tremendous jump over what you have now.
  9. This is about 600 euro but I don't have any more specifications, besides these written here. Is it worth it?

    Model Processor: Intel ® Core ™ i5-2400 CPU Frequency (MHz) 3100 Processor Cache Size (KB): 6144

    Integrated Network: Atheros AR8152
    Integrated Audio: VIA VT1705
    Slots: 1 x PCI Express x16
    3 x PCI Express x1
    Chipset: Intel H61

    RAM Type: DDR3 Capacity (MB): 8192
    Memory Frequency (MHz): 1333

    Drives / optical
    HDD Capacity (GB) 1 TB
    HDD Interface: SATA
    Rotational Speed ​​(rpm): 7200

    Optical Drive DVD + /-RW

    Video Memory (MB): 1024
    Model Graphics: ATI Radeon HD6770

    Case: Middletower
    Power source (W): 750
    Ports: 1 x RJ-45
    1 x HDMI
    1 x DVI
    4 x USB 2.0
    2 x PS2
    Dimensions (mm): 184 x 464 x 425
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