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Need advice on PSU

My system is home built. Specs are as follows:
amd ll x2 3500mhz
4 g ram
motherboard biostar ta785g3hd
amd radeon hd 6670

Now the psu that I currently have I think is dying due to shutdowns etc. It is a Basiq 500

I am looking for a new psu And and am not sure as to what specs I should be looking at in order to be compatible with my current build. Could someone please link a suitable model or just point me in the right direction please? Thanks in advance
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  1. two great PSUs

    Corsair have a bit more of a thing for being reliable, but OCZ are still great, bear in mind that the OCZ PSU is modular and the Corsair one is not, either choice would suit your system fine.
  2. ok thanks a lot. but what are the specs that i need to match up?
  3. pretty much any 300w and up psu will run what you have now. Unless you plan on running a high end gpu then a quality 450w unit will run just about any single gpu card made.
  4. Do you mean how do you choose which is the perfect power supply for you?
  5. You can check on the manufacturers website for each part as to the max wattage that a part is going to use, although when looking at graphics cards don't be fooled when it says something like 500W, that's how much power they expect a well balanced system with that card in to need. ^ Like this guy said, your system's not gunna use more than 300W
  6. Yeah well not exactly Henry. know that they have to be a certain voltage and be able to fir my mobo. I was just wondering where is the specs I would find that info. I just want to make sure it 'fits' my motherboard i guess.
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    No the PSU just as an item outputs 12V, when you plug it into the board it will supply the voltage required by the components, pretty much any power supply any computer as long as it is modern enough for your board and has enough wattage. By modern enough I mean things like it has an 8 pin connector for processor power as opposed to 4 pin, but the majority of PSUs nowadays have the same connectors.
  8. Ok thanks for the replies. I'll go do some shopping! :)
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