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I have found the following PC on one of these design your own PC building websites.

I would appreciate if you could provide some opinions on whether this is an appropriate price and spec for a capable gaming desktop?

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  1. Asking this community for pre-built advice can be rather risky. Users here tend to build their own rigs and look down upon those that don't. Just prepping you for potential snippy answers.....

    That being said, your config looks fine and will perform well with most current games. You actually did a pretty decent job of picking out the components.

    Of course, you could buy the same parts and build yourself. That is the type of input others have received when asking similar questions as yours.

    Go forth and prosper (well, game away with your new rig)!
  2. Hi COLGeek,

    Actually, it was a suggested pre-built. I cant take any credit for it! :-)

    I thought about building my own but due to my lack of knowledge I didn't want to risk wasting my money.

    Thanks for the helpful advice!
  3. You are most welcome, my friend. Have fun!!!
  4. As mentioned above you are going to get a bit of flack from some people for not building your own machine. All I can say is this forum will help you choose the right components and any issues run into, but you will have to do the work and feel comfortable with the process. It will take time and patience. If you just want a nice gaming rig and not worry about the PC hobbyist part of gaming, then that is fine to.

    As far as your configuration goes it looks fine to me, I can only offer my suggestions. See below.

    1) Since you are in the UK I would research what companies make the best gaming PC's for a decent cost. I am in the US and there are some definite go to sites for this sort of thing, CyberPowerPC and iBuyPower. You just want to make sure to get at least a somewhat reputable company in case there are issues with your PC while under warranty. Some small shops may have slow turn around and limited support. Just do your research first, don't just choose the cheapest option.

    2)Make sure the motherboard you choose has the features you would like to have. I see you chose a B75 chipset, which should be fine. The only things you will want to make sure of is it has the features you want or think you may want down the road.

    3)The only component item I could suggest changing is the video card. I would change the GTX570 to the GTX 660 or potentially the 660Ti. For a gaming rig you want all the video you can get.
  5. Your suggestions are useful. To be honest I looked at this website as it was the top result on google. I will do a bit more shopping around before I buy. But now I have a start point at least.

    I certainly don't mind spending the bit extra on graphics so thanks for that pointer. Also, I should do some research on motherboads in that case.

    Thanks jay2tall
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