Bios update crash

Hello guys

I have a dell inspiron i3, i was updating my bios, after had it formatted a couple of days ago, and i mistakely turned off the laptop before finishing the BIOS Update. Now my computer wont start, the screen doesn't turn on, when i press the power button, it looks like it is gonna start and then it stops!

Please any help

Thanks in adavance!
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  1. Well done, you have now rendered it completely useless, or what we say as completely bricked it. Time to look at your warranty and dig it out and see if it`s still valid.
    And do an Rma for a new one.

    If your lucky just claim it stopped working and refused to power up. That is about the best advice to give you. Btw don`t mention you did a bios update, as they will refuse you a replacement laptop if you do. Warranty does not cover that through user intervention get me, so keep it quiet to dell ok.

    Good luck !
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