I bridged my modem and now the internet stopped workingg

I was having problems with my nat being strict, so i searched some forums to see if i could fix it on my own. Some joke that turned out to be. I took the advice, which entailed accessing my Motorola 2210-02-1002 MstateA modems advance configuration page by going to the IP

Nex, since i was told to search for a Upnp option i decided to click on the PPP option which brought me to the conclusion of selecting the 3rd option, which was said to bridge my setup.

I clicked submit and the modem restarted, i am now on some unsecure internet connection trying to find what to do because the internet is apparently not even making it to the modem.

I hare no clue how to get back to the screen to turn my settings back to the factory, because the IP wont let me back.. idk.. someone please help promptly
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  1. page 12 shows to press the reset button for 3+sec to set it to manufacturer default.

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