Which card to use? PCI-E 9400GT or PCI GTX520

Hello, I have a question regarding the PCI-E 9400GT 1gb or the PCI (yes pci) GTX520 1gb graphcs cards. Both of these cards have HDMI output.

I currently own both cards, I'm trying to decide which one is better for my old P4 Celeron media center. I know the GTX520 is newer but it uses old PCI technology. This system will not be used for gaming.. period, only movies and pictures for my living room.

Any help would be great, thanks!
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  1. gt 520
  2. The GT520 should be faster. It has a higher clocked GPU and Ram. It has same number of texture units but 3x the amount of shaders. It also uses less electricity so it should make less heat.

    In reality the performance will be about the same. I have an 8400gs PCI and a 8400gs PCI-e. They perform exactly the same. I guess the video card is so slow already that the old PCI interface does not seem to slow it down at all. My HTPC with the 8400gs can watch netflix hulu and blueray no problem. Both your 9400 and 520 are much faster than the 8400 so you should have a good system.

    Keep in mind netflix and many other streaming services use MS sliverlight. That program does not run well on a single core system, no matter how high the clock.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply and information. I assumed because the cards are low end that PCI may not matter. As far as video playback quality, would I notice a difference? Crisper image because of the shaders or better resolution on a 47" lcd?

    The system currently has the 9400GT installed. The GTX520 would come from another work station, I wanted to ask before I took them apart.
  4. 9400 because it eat less and still can help with decoding and flash acceleration. You are nopt going to play games on it right.
    And sell that PCI one
  5. no the picture quality will be same just the gt 520 should have better decoding and playback of blu ray
  6. The pciture quality should be the same. The only place i would think you would see a difference is in 3d models like games. Try the system with 9400. I think they will be similar enough were it might not be worth your effort to take the other computer apart.
  7. Thanks again for the information. From the sound of it I agree, it's not worth the time. I will leave it alone for the time being.

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