[MONITOR] AOC E2343fk - Yes or no?

Didn't know where to put this, but I hope this is fine.

Anyway, the AOC E2343fk is about $140 on Newegg. I don't really need HDMI, so I was wondering if this monitor is actually any good. I'll be playing a lot of games and the color needs to look nice.

I was also looking at the ASUS VS248H-P and the VS247H-P, for $200 and $190 respectively. Are these more expensive monitors worth the extra price, or will I be fine with the AOC?
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  1. personally i would go asus

    2ms response versus 5ms on the aoc for gaming

    have seen a couple of aoc monitors and would have to say the pictures not as good as my samsung

    or my friends asus
  2. You'll do fine with AOC
    At least a 3 mili second difference is negligible compared to $50
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