Cheap, quiet, PWM fan.

(I am not expecting opinions or advice.)
This is just a bit of info to help others:

I recently purchased a couple of PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) fans for my bit by bit new build,

an ARTIC F12 Pro PWM 120x120x34 at €5.39,

and an ENERMAX T.B. Silence PWM 120x120x25 at €10.79.

I fully expected the ENERMAX to be the quietest, (quoted at 8db), it was more like 28db.

The ARTIC on the other hand, was so quiet, with my ear just one inch from the blades, (this is at full speed 1500RPM) I could just make out the sound of the 'whoosh' of air.

I have it in my old build and when I switch on, I have to check the front LED's to see if its working.

So if your in the market for a really cheap, quiet, PWM fan, I can recommend the ARTIC F12.

NOTE: Check the thickness above, its not standard and it can only be mounted with standard screws one way around (push), on the back as exhaust, or push on a cooler.

Can't be used on the front of the case.
But its made in Switzerland and a great piece of kit for the price.
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  1. Good recommendation. I have had great success with Noctua, Gelid, and Scythe fans as well.

    There are lots of options across all price ranges and availability.

    Have fun!
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