Serious Problems with ATI Radeon 6770 HD

Hi everyone, this is my first post so I apologize for any misinformation/improperness. I own an HP Pavilion dv6t laptop that I got last Christmas with a warranty, complete with 8 GB ram, an intel i7 @ 2.2 ghz, a 500 gb hard drive, and an ATI Radeon 6770 HD gpu w/ 2 gb VRAM. Now, this computer uses something called "dynamic graphics", which switches GPU's based on what tasks are being performed (the lower performance integrated intel card for browsing the web and the higher performance 6770 for gaming). Now, I've disabled the dynamic option through BIOS, and set it to fixed to the 6770 via Catalyst Control Center. Now, my problem is, I have Microsoft Security Essentials, which does keep my system safe, but I recently found a program called Game Booster 3 installed (must've been my brother, he uses my PC every once in a while). GB3 adjusts and tweaks some settings such as closing unwanted programs and defragging files to make loading faster. I uninstalled Game Booster because I did not want nor really need a boost in gaming. Here's where the serious problems really flesh out. Now, I know the Windows Experience Index is really a bad scale for a PC diagnosis (I use dxdiag myself), but my ratings use to be a 7.6 processor, 7.5 in memory, and a 6.8 in video graphics. The video graphics, after uninstalling GB3, have dropped to 3.8 for the 6770 Radeon. I tried going back to BIOS and putting it into dynamic and checking the index, only to have it drop to 3.6. Here's the curveball: my World of Warcraft used to run @ 60 fps on ultra settings before this incident, and can run fine on lowest settings at 60 fps, but my system will randomly start to run like it used to during gameplay, and I mean sporadic, without any indication. I get excited and minimize to check the Index to see if it resolved itself, but the scale says 3.8 and as I resume gameplay, the performance returns to its soggy and slow self. So, that said, I've tried many, many forums for advice but none has given me any help. HP has not been helpful either, telling me to disable the integrated card. Is there any way I can set my GPU back to its original settings? I think the problem is is that Game Booster must've kept my computer in "Normal Mode" (it switches between that and "Gaming Mode"), which is generally low performance. How can I get my computer back to running in top shape? Thanks guys
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  1. Seems like gamebooster messed up your windows files. I'd suggest a factory restore or reinstall of windows.
  2. Well, hard to say as I never used this crap booster. I cant etll if it underclocks/overclcoks yuor system at all.

    IMO uninstall your video drivers using drivesweeper, get rid of your catalyst centre. Restart comp and redownload/reinstall latest drivers for your video.

    If that does not fix it, then just reinstall your OS and Game as it is actualyl the quickest way to eliminate multiple problems with 1 stone.
  3. Okay so a reset sounds good. Can you elaborate a little more on how to do this with drivesweeper? Is it free to use, unlike driver detective and virus free? And yeah 'Crap Booster' really wasn't my idea, I'd like to get rid of it ASAP :p
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    Yeah it should be free or at laest have a trial, search the forum should be a link and instructions somewhere.

    Do it before your windows reset, and if that doesnt work then yes reset windows. Besides it would be very good to reinstlal windows everyonce in a while to eliminate spyware/viruses and other clutter.
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  6. Thanks, I'll try that and report back soon EDIT: Seems like driversweeper has been upgraded to driver fusion, will it still do the same thing I need it to do?
  7. Yes it will.
  8. Thanks alexander, everything worked out fine! All my games are back to 60 fps on ultra, thanks so much!
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