Buying a SFF HTPC - Suggestions?

:o Looking for Small Form Factor HTPC that will...
#1 Stream movies in 1080P from my Media Server (XMBC User)
a. I'm kind of interested in streaming 3D - This would be a bonus
#2 Mounts behind my TV. Hidden from View
#3 Play Emulator Games (Mame etc.)
#4 Surfs the Web

A small Solid State Hard drive would be a plus.

I'd rather buy than build... Anyone have a suggestion?

I know enough to be dangerous... Interested in learning.
Especially wanting to learn what the CPU and RAM specs would be for a comp like this.
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  1. Check your private messages drflu. Sent ya a PM.
  2. vrumor said:
    Check your private messages drflu. Sent ya a PM.

    I haven't seen the PM. Is that suppose to go to my email or is it somewhere under my profile?
  3. If ya look at the top on the right theres a box that says Profile No thread and no messages. SHould say you have 1 message on the right tab. Click the tab and read your PMs.
  4. Finally found the message. I had the right column hidden and was viewing on my phone... Was feeling like a loser unable to find the PM. It looked like a nice build but I really need a hidden build.
  5. Not sure this is going to work for you.

    Zotac ZBox Nettop Computer

    VESA mountable with HD3000 graphics.

    Otherwise, I'd definitely be looking at building yourself.

    -Wolf sends
  6. Thanks Wolfshadw. Looks great to me. I'll just throw in some ram and a solid state hard drive
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