Best Quiet or passive GPU for gaming

I have a very noisy 5770. I want to put my computer in the lounge, so I want my computer more quieter.

I know there are 7750 passive but I will not have more performance than my 5770. Is there an equivalent in nVidia, and more powerfull?

Otherwise, I'm thinking to get this :
It will works on my 5770 and I can upgrade to a 7850 if I get a fan on it.

Maybe there is a solution without a passive cooling that would be great? Many people said that the 7770 is a lot quieter than the 5770...

What do you think?

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  1. First of all, what do you want to play?

    I do NOT recommend getting a 7770 over a 5770 its a waste of money as it is more or less the same card.

    Rather go adn buy an aftermarket cooler, there are many reviews. You should be able to find some cheap discounted ones that fit the 5770. Saving you over $70, thank me later.
  2. What I play : BF3, SC2, D3 and some new titles (but I don't want 60 fps in those ones) on a 1080p panel.

    The performance of the 5770 is OK for me but if I change, I want more! Like you said, I rather get an aftermarket cooler than an expensive card if I get nothing...

    Any advice for an aftermarket cooler? The artic seems ok on many reviews but I didn't look for any other.
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