Distorted Optical S/PDIF Input

I just bought and installed this sound card:

I wanted to connect my PS3 to the card's Optical S/PDIF input. I connected it and st first, it didn't give any sound. After learning that the card can't decode AC3, i installed AC3Filter. That solved most of the problem. I could now hear the PS3 sounds but they were very distorted. I thought to try another decoder but when i removed AC3Fliter and restarted, the sounds sill played. I soon isolated the problem to the physical hardware: either it is the optical wire or the S/PDIF input is messed up. I even exited the software that came with the card and the thing still played distorted sound. I checked the sound card and it output sound correctly, but i can't test other inputs or other wires. What could be the problem?
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