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So I just got a brand new Phenom II x4 965 BE installed and I'm wondering why I'm having some temperature issues. I have everything in the bios at stock/auto settings and I am currently at around 30C idle and so far I'm at 48C under full load(running prime95 as I type). Why so high? It seems as if I have hardly any room to OC. My previous athlon x3 435 was like 10 degrees cooler under full load at stock settings, if not more. Is it possible that I did a poor job with my thermal paste? I used some Arctic Silver and placed a small "grain of rice size" in the middle before installing my Corsair H50.

Here are my specs:

Cooler Master Storm Sniper case(3 big case fans)
NF980-G65 mobo
AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE 3.4GHz
Corsair H50 (I fan that came with the H50 and 1 Cooler Master LED 120mm fan attatched to the radiator)
Asus Radeon HD 6670 graphics
Corsair 950w PSU
Corsair Dominator DDR3 RAM PC3 12800 2x2GB currently @ 1333MHz 9-9-9-24
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  1. When I ran my 965 idle temps were at 27-28 C overclocked to 4.2 using a 212 evo rarely it would go above 40C while in normal use. So idle probably good. I think the max temp is around 55 (may want to double check). So it is possible poor thermal paste application is the culprit but those temps arent bad. You should easily be able to squeeze some extra juice outta the 965 and game without problems, 90% of the time temps wont be as high for normal use as they are in prime95. One last note is I have used many methods for paste application and have come to prefer using a credit card or something similar like a putty knife with the stuff artic silver paste especially.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I will give it a few days and maybe reapply the thermal paste. This is the first time I tried using it without spreading it. I just placed a dot in the middle and pressed down. I agree that the temps aren't too bad for idle, but when under full load it jumps nearly 20 degrees. I wanted to overclock this thing, but I don't want to push it past 55C(max temp is 62 I think).
  3. What voltage was your athlon on?
    and what voltage is your Deneb on?
    Not to mention different architectures have different power requirements and abilities to handle heat, my 435 and 975 have different load temps as well
  4. vcore is on auto right now and changing from 1.496 to 1.504. Everything in the bios is either stock or auto right now. As for my athlon, I believe it was around 1.475. I don't really remember now
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    I'd say that has a lot to do with it, check out the black edition overclocking guide up top and see what the lowest stable voltage is you can run the PII on, that will have the most effect on load temps
    I'd also get a second fan on the radiator for best cooling
    but 48'C isn't dangerously high tbh,
  6. I think the Phenom's max temp is 60c, as well as the 8xxx CPUs. the 6xxx and 4xxx is 70c. There is nothing wrong with temps around 50c, my FX 4100 surely hits it. Prime 95 stresses your CPU to extreme levels. Unless all you do all day is run Prime 95, most applications will never get it that hot.
  7. I run 55 under realistic loads and 58 with prime95, dont see why 48 is a problem...
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone. Yeah I realize that the temps aren't that bad, but like I said, I was kind of surprised that I was getting that high considering I have a total of 7 fans in my computer which includes the 2 120mm fans with the Corsair H50, three 200mm case fans, the fan on my graphics card, and the extra 120mm at the bottom. I was expecting 5-10 degrees cooler.

    Anyway, I'm running Prime95 again with some small overclocking and I'm not seeing any temperature change which is good. Right now I'm at 3718MHz with the NB and HT Link at 2187MHz. I just left the voltage on auto because for some reason, when I lowered it, Prime95 would fail very quickly. Temps are currently at 48C after 10 mins of prime.
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  10. thank you for B.a. man, glad to help
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