GTX 670 not giving digital output


My setup is as follows:

cpu: i5-3570k @ 3,4 Ghz
ram: 8 Gb kingston ddr3
psu 650 W
mobo: Asrock z77 Pro3
gpu: GTX 670 driver version: 301.42
os: windows 7 home premium

I have connected two monitors (samsung syncmaster 225bw and benq g2420HDB, both have dvi and vga inputs) to the gpu, one via vga cord+dvi-vga adaptor and one via dvi cord. Undependent on which one is connected with vga cord only the one connected with vga gets any picture. If I hot plug monitor with dvi the monitor wakes up but says no signal detected. In the case that only dvi cord is used i get no picture. I own only 1 dvi cord so I don't know what would happen if I plugged both in with dvi cords but most likely nothing.

The exactly same setup has been ran with old gpu (gtx 260) and everything works perfectly. I also tried plugging computer into a projector via HDMI cable. When pc was turned on the bios messages were normally shown on the screen and the "starting windows" or something similar message along with the windows logo forming there. After that the projector simply lost signal.

To make things more interesting everything was functioning perfectly the first time I turned pc on with the new gpu. Then next time I turned it on this happened. Tried restarting it and everything worked again fine. Now I've tried restarting the system multiple times but in vain.

This is my second GTX 670 because the first unit had the very same problem, it worked at the very beginning but after that I never got picture on both screens. I'm starting to believe that this is a software problem but between everything working and everything not working I haven't touched anything that affects the gpu.

I tried googling the problem but to no luck. I'm believing this has something to do with the gpu giving out only analog signal for some reason but I didn't find any way to affect the output method.

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  1. Update:

    Also the resolution is somehow weird. I have exactly same options for resolution undependent on which monitor is giving picture (one is natively 1650*1050 and one is 1920*1080). The reslution options given are too low for either display. I've tried forcing the correct resolution via nvidia control panel which lets me create custom resolution. When I put the native resolution there for either display the picture is too wide and leaves black stripes at top and bottom. Also when playing 16:9 video black stripes are left on top and bottom with the monitor being 16:9.

    I have tried reinstalling the drivers as well.
  2. We, sir, have EXACTLY the same problem. Using Palit GTX 670 Jetstream.
  3. Silly question, but have you played with the settings in the Nvidia Control Panel? I ahd no problems setting up a second display after enabling it in the CP.

    Are you connecting the VGA output to the correct DVI port?(only one of them supports analog)
  4. I've gone trough pretty much everything in the control panel. I've tried all the "detect display" and stuff buttons but nothing. Also for some reason in the display setting everywhere it simply says that the display is called "analog display" or "vga display". Running on the old gtx 260 atm in the settings menu I have the full names of displays (model basically).

    I've been running dual screen setup for a long time and It has always worked with simply plugging both screens into gpu and having drivers installed. It also worked with the 670 to begin with but after that no luck no matter what I've done.

    The vga-dvi adaptor is has dvi-I head which fits only into the correct (dvi-i) port so yes, they are properly connected.

    I appreciate the help though johnny.

    Others as well if you have any idea please tell me as I really don't have any ideas.

    Nice to hear that I'm not the only one with the problem. I forgot to mention closer model but the gpu is Palit Jetstream, same as you. This is already my 2nd 670 because I rmaed the first one due to the very same problem. Could I just be unlucky enough to get two bad individuals in a row?

    Please if you get any ides or find a solution tell me chug.

    Probably gonna try this gpu in a friend's pc here soonish to see what will happen. But to be honest I'm very surprised if it works.

    I tried quickly here with my other motherboard, ram and cpu but the result with that weird setup was that picture only came via vga cord per usual.

  5. Perhaps switching it to multi-monitor in Nividia control panel will fix it?

    Manage 3D settings > Multi-display\Mixed-GPU Acceleration > Multiple Display Performance Mode
  6. Hey ielmoere, did you ever figure this out? I'm having a similar issue with my gtx 670.
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