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We have a shared computer that is currently running Plex Media Server and hosting the media for our Roku boxes, but this PC is also being used by the kids to surf the web and play Minecraft. I am thinking of building a dedicated server that will need to:

1) Run Plex Media Server
2) Run SABnzbd+
3) Store all our media files for Plex (at least 400 GB)
4) Run a Minecraft server for the kids, probably in a VM (I own VMWare Workstation 8)
5) Run a proxy server to monitor the kids surfing
6) Offer me a remote desktop I can VPN into when I need a Windows Desktop

I am thinking of building an i5-based machine with a motherboard that has everything I need. Was thinking a small SSD along with a cheap 2 TB drive, but as long as the total storage is at least 500 GB, it would work for us.

Approximate Purchase Date: October

Budget Range: ~$500

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Plex Media Server, Download Server, Remote Desktop, Minecraft server

Are you buying a monitor: No

Parts to Upgrade: None

Do you need to buy OS: No - Already have a copy of Windows 7

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg

Location: City, State/Region, Country - Maryland, USA

Parts Preferences: prefer Intel CPU, like ASUS motherboards

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire: No

Your Monitor Resolution: plan to run it headless

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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  1. For a server, you really don't need an SSD. You could save some $$$ right there. Just a consideration.
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