Brand new computer runs SLOWER than old Macbook????

Hi everyone
I just bought a brand new alienware m17x and it has been acting a bit slow... For example, I played a 30 minute video on youtube at 1080p and it kept stopping every 20 seconds. Now this wouldnt be a huge deal to me, but i decided to compare my old macbook pro to the alienware, and the mac ran the whole earlier mentioned video without pauses and was FASTER. Now, i payed THREE GRAND for this laptop and i was really expecting top performance so can someone explain to me why it is that my macbook is faster than my alienware??? Is it the OS or just the hardware quality???

Alienware m17x- 2.7ghz intel Quad core processor, 16gb RAM, 500gb 7200rpm hard drive+ 128gb mSATA Boot drive

Macbook (13 inch late 2011 model)- 2.7 ghz intel Dual core processor, 8gb RAM, 750gb 5400rpm hard drive

NOTE- Internet service isnt an issue since they're being tested side by side and both caches and histories were cleared to optimize performance a bit.
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  1. Its possibly the operating system differences..
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