Screen goes black after Windows boots, but I can run in safe mode, I have a bad

ok, my screen displays "starting windows" but when it comes to the logo screen it goes black. the windows notification sound plays, so I know that the processor is working, but the only way I can get a display is in safe mode. I have the lowest resolution enabled and all display adapters are enabled
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  1. Sounds like 3d issue with the card. Safe mode is 2d and 3d kicks in after drivers for the card is loaded under windows.
  2. I would try to update the video drivers while in safe mode. What kind of video card does the computer have?
  3. What kind of graphics card are you using? Are you using the integrated graphics card or a discreet graphics card?

    Your best option is booting into safe mode with networking, uninstalling your current graphics drivers, downloading the most up to date drivers from the nVidia, ATI, or Intel website, and reinstalling them.
  4. also what your first video boot device. it could be that windows is swithing over to the onboard gpu. also if your using a vga adpator is may be bad.
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