XP i click on shut down the computer does not shut down

Can someone please tell me why when I click shut down my comp. LOGS OFF then SAVE the WINDOWS is SHUTTING DOWN but that is where it stops.... everything has power but not the keyboard & I'm stuck with this until I use the power button on the front of the comp.
Any help with this will surely be appreciated....
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  1. try checking your power option in control panel.
    change what power buttons do option.
  2. thanks but I've tried that.....the POWER button is set to SHUT DOWN & the same thing happens if I hit that key, 'the monitor shows "saving your settings" & then "windows is shutting down", the monitor shows this message, the keyboard power is cut but the computer carries on running........the only way to shut it down is to use the power switch on the front of the computer!?!?
    Any more sugestions anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. try using recovery console and check HDD for errors....
  4. Check out thios guide on Tom's Guide on startup and shutdown.. i'm sure one of the programs listed here would help!!
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