HD 6750 GDDR3 vs HD 6670 GDDR3

Should I buy a HD 6750 GDDR3 or a HD 6670 GDDR3

Which one is better for my pc ?

3GB DRR3 1333 MHZ
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  1. Ok I hope this will help. The side by side is if you scroll all the way to the bottom. But read eveything in between. From what I have read none of which said anything about GDDR3 for both the cards.

    But anyway it should be close to the same results. I get two mixed answers on this. In some sites they say the 6750 is only 36% faster and in other sites it tells that they are even in there abilities.

    So I will link you to this site and it should shed some lite on it. Just remember that the 6750 is a rebadged of the 5750. But if your case is a mini then you will have to find a lowprofile card.

    I know they make them in the 6670 but I don't know about the 6750. Anyway I hope this helps and good luck to you.

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