How do I configure a switch to work with a router?

Right now I have it connected like this: Internet -> SURFboard SB6120 Modem -> DGL-4100 Router (modem in the WAN port, 3 internet connections plus the switch in the LAN ports) -> DGS-1008G Switch (2 other internet connections connected to this, as well as an Xbox 360).

The problem is that everything connecting to the router works, and nothing works on the switch even though the power light is on (however, the port on the router that is receiving the switch is not lit up). I'm guessing this is because the router only assigns as many IP addresses as it has ports or something, but I've never used a switch before so I don't know how to properly configure this.
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  1. the router assigns as many IPs as given by the DHCP server inside your router.

    to me it sounds like there is a problem with the network cable connecting the switch to the router.

    there is no configuration on a unmanaged switch
  2. I've already tried at least 3-4 cables and none of them have worked

    It has auto-crossover too so it shouldn't matter what kind it is either
  3. if its a passive switch then it must be either a cabling issue or a bad connection in the switch itself. if you test out the switch to function between a few computers then it must be the cable connection it to the router. i would statically link a few computers through the switch to test it. if its an active L2 switch then you may need to configure its basic startup sequence and set the ports to up.
  4. I just tried another old switch that I had lying around and it worked almost immediately. Does this mean the new one is faulty, or am I still doing it wrong? It's supposed to be an auto-configurating switch, so I don't see what else there is for me to do.
  5. i would assume is faulty. one thing to note is that some switches will not work with 538A wiring standard. all wires you buy in the store now for straight through cables are tia538B standard. its rare to find an item that does not function with the A but it does happen. the reason this can occure is 538A is meant to cover phone and data on one wire, thus the pinout is a bit different. either way its most likley a bad switch.
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