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A few days ago I recieved my PC, and most games work perfect. I've run into stuttering issues on Blacklight Retribution and Tribes Ascend, not sure if this is the issue but they both run Unreal Engine. However games like Minecraft, League of Legends, and Team Fortress 2 do not stutter at all. Anyone have any ideas on whats wrong?
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    What driver revision are you using?

    Using latest, 304.18,
    this makes games like Tribes Ascend almost unplayable. I tried disabling VSync and Frame Rate Stabilizer in hopes of doing something but nothing worked. Other games are smooth and fine. This also happens on APB Reloaded which removes my thought that something wasnt working in Unreal Engine along with my card. Anyways any help would be appreciated. I can't imagine somethings wrong with the actual card since other things work fine.
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    Run 296.xx drivers.

    Where can I get those?
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