New CPU. Comp doesn't boot

I've been looking for this problem on the forums but i can't find anything.
I bought a new FX6100(BE) to replace Athlon X2 AD7550. I have inserted it in to the slot on my ASRock N68C-GS FX, My computer whirs up with everything like the fan, HDD, ETC...
The problem is it doesn't boot, the screen stays blank and it doesn't flash the lights on the keyboard which it did with the old CPU. I've switched them back and everything works. could it be a faulty CPU? any help would be appreciated
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  1. now that you have your old chip back in and it works fine.......... try updating the BIOS. then put the new processor back in and see if it boots.

    look on asrock site for an "auto" bios update tool. if not you'll have to do it another way.

    there may even be that tool on the disc that came with the motherboard ............ if it's even available.
  2. yep definitely a BIOS update required.
  3. you should NOT have to update the BIOS unless you are upgrading to piledriver:
    i mean FX is in the name right?

    but update anyhow since it never hurts but what are the rest of your gig's specs?
  4. looniam's right, I totally did not check the cpu support list. 6100 is supported since the first release. my bad. apologies.
  5. I have updated to the latest version (1.40) but it still doesn't work could it be something else?
  6. 4GB ram
    Power X3 standard edition 500w PSU
    Seagate barracuda 750GB
    that's about all that's in there
  7. pull video card. hook to on-board. does it boot now?
  8. There is already no video card as I've got a replacement but need a new psu. so it's already using the on board.
  9. why do you need a new power supply?
  10. doesn't have any 6 pin pci connections
  11. what are the specs on that junk?
  12. could it be a problem that the power supply isn't high enough to run it? I thinks it's unlikely because it says on that they have the same wattage but could it be something to do with that?
  13. swifty_morgan said:
    what are the specs on that junk?
    what 'junk'?
  14. don't see any pertinent information. replace PS and retry machine with new processor............. i think trying to run machine with that old JUNK will do more harm than good.
  15. Ok thanks
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