I made a HUGE mistake... need some help

hello everyone, i've been kinda bored lately because i haven't played anything in almost 3 months because i am stuck with my pregnant wife in Germany so i decided to visit my brother and i was shocked to see that he had a custom made PC, i inmidiatley went "under the hood" to see what that PC had and i found and old athlon II x4 and a 5450, the PC was VERY messy so i decided to clean it a bit, but i forgot to do something VERY important... i didn't plug the CPU fan (i know, noob mistake) but the PC ran fine... i booted NFS most wanted and it ran VERY slowly, my brother was kinda worried because he told me that that game runs very fast on that PC.... i immediately tried to overclock it using Asrock OC Tuner and guess what? the CPU was running @ 85°C!!!! i shut it down and i connected the fan and i left it there for 10 minutes to cool off... then i tried to boot the game and it ran really fast.... my question:

Why or how does temperature affects performance?
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    It underclocks itself to save itself from overheating.
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  3. FinneousPJ said:
    It underclocks itself to save itself from overheating.

    Thanks buddy!
  4. No problem. I like to keep it short and simple :D
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