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Hey Guys, I'm looking for a new card, I'm running a asus crosshair V and I'm looking for the best in quality vs. price card to replace my older ones, any recommendations would be wonderful I appreciate your help guys.
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  1. Umn how much are you willing to spend? The 7970 and the 680GTX are top dogs right. I would not put a 690GTX in 2.0 slot though.
  2. PCIE 3.0 is pretty much irrelevant until you get to 3 GPU configurations. I wouldn't worry about putting anything in your current mobo as long as your PSU can support it... (PCIE3.0 cards are backward compatible, you can use a PCIE2.0 slot to run them, and they won't be bottlenecked)

    the 7850 is the winner for ~200$, the 7950 is the sensible buy at around 330$ (the 7870 is slightly cheaper and slower, not a big diff between em). If you go beyond that, go for the 670 (400ish) if you don't plan on overclocking; the 7970 can overclock better than the 670 from what I've heard and so could be a better value if you get lucky.

    edit: Note I only included the current gen :), you can probably get some good values in last gen stuff as well.
  3. GTX 480! :lol:
  4. LOL @ GTX 690. That card is overpriced AND overkill. It depends on the thread starter how much money he is able to spend. Also don't worry about 2.0 and 3.0
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