Need help with chosing pc build items

I am building a new PC.. It will be used for web browsing,watching videos, streaming etc..But it will be also be my main gaming pc too..

I have chosen my mobo a z68 D3..(bought a while ago)
CPU will be an intel i52500k or the newer ivy bridge 3570k not sure which yet, as reviews seem conflicting..
I will use an SSD for my OS an some software that I use a lot..prolly a 120gb one..thinking OCZ Agility 3
and then I want a decent HDD for storage..1TB+

My budget is not huge, I want to do everything as cheap as I can without scrimping to much on quality, so the best bang for the buck possible please :)

So yeh, Some advice on the best HDD to chose please and whether or not to go with the 2500k or the 3570k ?

Many thanks in advance :D
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  1. Hey,

    Get the 3570k, same as 2500 just slightly better and newer.
    Don't go for Agility 3 SSD VERY bad reputation, go for Intel 520, Samsung Pro 420 or Vertex 4.
    HDD wise, stick to Western Digital or Seagate and you'll.
  2. The 3570k is mostly better than the 2500k, however since you have a z68 motherboard make sure you have the latest BIOS installed for Ivy Bridge support in the case of 3570k.

    As for the HDD, any 7200rpm 1TB 3,5" drive should be quite solid. Can't really go wrong with Seagate or WD.
  3. ''3750 is 'mostly' better than the 2500k''

    What is the 2500k better for/at ? and cice versa..

    Thanks for the replies peeps..

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