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Cooler master icefusion for gpu

can i use cooler master icefusion, for my radeon hd 4870
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  1. Why would you want to add thermal interface material to a gpu? more TIM= less heat transfer after a certain point, and I would hope the manufacturer knew how much to use in the first place. Simply changing TIM rarely does more than 1-2 degrees Celsius of good and isn't worth the risk of damaging the gpu.
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    The short answer is yes, it will work fine(you can find both better and worse thermal paste). I agree with the poster above about very little gains.

    How if you are swapping the cooler or required it off for some reason, then yes, you can use that for re installation.

    The 4870 cooler also has heat transfer pads for the ram(and maybe other chips, I forget as it s been a while since I removed the cooler from a 4870), so ensure those are at least half clean if you are to have any chance to re-use then. If they are not, you should replace those as well.

    Also note that high idle temps(70-80) is normal for that card since it slows the fan down lots at idle.
  3. ok, i was just asking this because it has been over 3 years and i havent changed the thermal grease, and now the card is hitting record high 94C in FURMARK. when i bought it nearly 3 years ago, the max temp was 88C, BUT 94C is pretty high. I asked xfx and they told me to change the paste, so please tell me guyz, should i go with this or not?
  4. Personally I would say time for a new card, but that's just me. I don't think changing your thermal grease will help enough.
  5. Furmark is FAR hotter then any game, That said, try to clear dust from the cards heatsink with compressed air blowing from the exhaust vents towards the fan. Do this back and forth. Vent to fan, fan to vent a few times to blow out as much dust as you can.
  6. thanks for the reply guyz, i did take out the heatsink, removed all the dust in it, applied the new coolermaster icefusion, and now the temps are better than before:
    Before: Idle: 80C Load: sometimes 90C+
    After: idle: 78C Load: 86C
    By the way i am getting a new gigabyte 7850 2 gb OC, in a couple of days, i just changed the cooling gel to sell my old card!

    Do u guyz recommend 7850 2gb, or any other for about $250 ?
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