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Confused with the graphics on proccesor

sorry for the silly question but i am noob..
hello friends i just bought an i3 3220 with a gigabyte motherboard h61 m ds2
after installing the drivers i downloaded cpuz and saw the config
in the graphics setion it is showing standard vga adapter
shouldnt it be hd 2500 as comes with the proccy??? i am confused .... :??:
help me if there is any problem with graphics not being detected or if tell me if its totally fine
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  1. Right click on desktop and see there is graphic properties option- select that and intel hd graphics panel will open.if it shows panel then you are fine.
  2. Install latest drivers from intel site as driver comes with cd are old.
  3. i installed drivers on the motherboard only and on rightclicking i only get these 3 options....
    screen resolution
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    I suggest download from intel type in google ' download hd graphics driver'
  5. Are you using Windows 8? Then go to Windows Update and let windows * update your device drivers. Install the recommended updates and you are good to go.
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