First time builder - ordering tonight maybe

I will be ordering this tonight if it is a good deal/ set up.
I would like to trim the cost to below $500 if possible but I am willing to spend up to $550. I original had the i3 but I thought the i5 might be worth the extra money.
I was trying to order everything from Newegg but I guess it doesn't matter. I live in NY so if any site doesn't charge tax it would be a huge help.
The PC is going to be used for standard office work, Internet, and streaming movies to my PS3. I would like to try a couple of low level games but nothing serious.
I don't care how the case looks, I have the Windows 7 64bit OS already and I have the Samsung 2220wm 22inch monitor.
I am currently running a 5 year old Dell Inspiron 530 with 1 gig of ram so this will be a huge upgrade.

Thanks in advance
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  1. It doesn't save you any money, in fact I think it's $5 more, but get the i5-3450. Slightly better all round capability, and better match for getting best out of mobo, and more up to date. Definitely worth $5.
    Again, not what you want to hear, but slightly higher rated power supply wouldn't be a bad idea. That one is adequate, at the moment, but you may want to put in better graphics card, later. You don't want to have to change PSU, for an upgrade.
  2. this probably suits you better. if you are not to play games (or many games) the onboard is good enough
  3. Thx the CPU change makes sense.

    Here is the change

    I don't think I will ever upgrade this pc. I have used my Dell for 5 years and never once thought to upgrade it. I could probably continue to use it for another year but I know I will enjoy a new pc.

    Do you think this is a good deal or should I wait?
  4. I agree with onboard being enough graphic capability, but this i3 has hd 4000 graphics, and if you decide to dabble in some more current games, you can play them in low to medium settings without a hitch.

    Edit: The link may be useful. LOL.
    By the way, if you wan't to go the dedicated graphics route, the build you have there is a great build. Just personal preference, you could still go with an i3 and save some money. It just depends on if you want the dual or the quad core.
  5. Are you guys saying the machine I put together is a waste of money and that I can spend a lot less and I wouldn't know the difference?
    I don't mind spending the $550 if it is a good setup but I want to get the most bang for my buck
  6. yes we are getting the most bang for your buck but then you can always spend a little more for some incremental improvements

    my build would get you the most bang but if you want to spend a little more, here you go

    you get a quad core and a slightly better motherboard. you wont see the difference between a dual core and quad core in normal word operations.
  7. and also, you dont need a video card given the onboard stuff is enough to handle light games, movies, and all normal day activities
  8. Sorry but I am confused... Doesn't your set up use the same motherboard I mine?
  9. on the newer post, yes. on the other one that is cheaper, no
  10. what there saying in real world with new cpu (i have i5-3540). with intel speed step and energy savings mode on most time doing the world wide web you be running on one core and the cpu be running about 10-20 percent. the new cpu are very powerfull and with real world apps most times you only need a two core cpu. it when you go frm real world apps to a gaming rig that having the extra cpu cores will keep a high end gpu from bottle necking in a game. what the poster was saying is if there were an i3 and i5 machine with the same ram and video card doing the same web pages and would not see as a uses that one machine was faster then the other. now stepping up from a 5 year old dell both the i3 and i5 are going to fly for you.
  11. Ok now I get it... What about the video card? The on board card is good for everyday use but will I get better quality or speed with an upgrade?
  12. If he is just doing normal everyday stuff, he just needs a normal everyday computer, which means he won't need a quad core processor. To answer your question about the motherboard, it looks like the same one. I think he skimmed over it on you updated build.
  13. they are different boards. one is a h61 chipset and the other is a h77. one has sata 6 and the other doesnt (h77 has sata 6)

    you wont need the graphics card as of what you do. you can still play cod or something along those lines on hd graphics no problem. if you really need that performance, get the video card then
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