New i5 build from newegg combo, good deal?

Hey this is my first post and I have been researching mobos, gpus, and just about all parts for my first build for a few months now. I just noticed that newegg has an Asus supercombo deal right now for around $1100, and I was wondering if it could handle most games on max settings. So here is the combo deal, which basically has everything except a mass storage drive and an OS:


As well as a WD Caviar Black 1TB hard drive:

I was also thinking of getting the hyper 212+ for potential overclocking:

Do you guys think that this would be a decent computer for the price? The grand total shipped to my door is $1,262.98 (minus the OS, that is a birthday gift from my mother). I was mainly looking at playing GW2, Battlefield 3, and possibly Diablo 3. I might also use it for CAD software if I decide to go into the engineering field when I graduate high school. Any feedback is much appreciated.
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  1. its a pretty good deal just that your hyper 212 wont fit under the ram given they are very tall

    you can probably do away with the 660ti in place for a 7870 that performs about the same but is a lot cheaper

    same thing with the motherboard. the sabertooth isnt quite worth the money given you can get a ud3h from gigabyte for 139.99 and it has all the needed features
  2. I kind of want to stay away from ATI/AMD cards mainly because I have heard so much about problems with their drivers. And I have heard that the UD series from gigabyte has had some bios issues with the ivy bridge processors and PCIe 3.0.
  3. 1: no. that was the past. they have good drivers now.
    2: and no. they are fine. there will always be boards that are faulty and you cant really prevent it (the z77 mpower is a excepetion)
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