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need some extra side panel clearance for new heat sink...ever seen a window kit that is a "bumpout" resulting in additional side panel clearance...???...
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  1. I'm afraid I've never seen anything like that no, you are probably going to have to mod it up :-)
  2. The ultimate case window: No window at all!
  3. That doesn't help with his clearance issue though :)
  4. Think he might mean NO side panel at all. Go naked! And give the world a complete view. Lol. Looks like a one inch lexan/alum spacer plate or new heat sink. Thanks folks!
  5. Yeah, that doesn't help airflow at all though :)
    Glad to help man,
  6. I meant instead of extending the side of the case, cut a hole out of the side panel, so the heatsink sticks out a little. The fan can then pull air in from the outside
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