~ HELP I notice Pixels????!!! ~ HELP

Hey everyone, today I received my new laptop and have an question boggling my mind.

When comparing the newer version laptop with an older laptop (both are Sony Vaio S series) I can notice the pixels (the little squares) alot easier on the better and newer Vaio S series laptop. Both are at 1600x900 resolution so I am very stunned as to why that is. I also only notice these pixels (tiny squares) on lower resolution displays like the 1366x728 displays.

I also notice that the whites (eg. from the Google homepage) is better in the older Vaio than the new Vaio S series.

The only positive about the new Vaio S series is the colors are more vibrant.
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  1. If you lower the display resolution, the pixels spread out, making your desktop look very big, but at the same time more zoomed in.
  2. But why do I notice the pixels on the newer version S series and not on the older version? Both are at 1600x900...
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