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Hello, I'm really curious on why so many people dislike AMD processors. I myself have only ever bought pre-built computers with Intel cpu's in them. But that being said i haven't had much of a choice.

I'm thinking about building my first computer with a $2000 limit (that i aim to hit around that target, don't want to budget to hard). I have been told for a close friend that he likes the AMD FX-8350 and from the looks of it i dont mind it myself (not knowing too much about the finer details of computer hardware, tho i want to learn more about it).

I have suggested the AMD FX-8350 with an ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 Mother board to run it in elsewhere but they just shoot me down about an AMD chip and suggest Intel chips. I would love for someone on here to actually explain to me why this is so bad compared to a Intel chip and motherboard around the same price.

I also have my heart set on the Powercolor 7990 GPU to run with the AMD chip and the ASUS Mobo (I know the 7990 is over kill for just gaming, but ive just fallen in love with it haha. This computer will hopefully be lasting me for at least 12-24 months and i don't want to struggle running any games that i choose to play in that time range). I am currently running my Samsung 32" 3D Smart TV as my main monitor, But i really do plan on getting at least 3x 23"+ monitors for Eyefinity. I'm not certain on the tv being able to run as 120HZ as a monitor, But even if it cant it will do until i get the cash for a good monitor setup. ( )

Not exactly sure on if i have asked the right questions to get the answers i am looking for, but this is roughly what i want to know im guessing. (Really tired and currently sick)
Also if you would like to leave any suggestions for a Rig that includes the powercolor 7990 in it that you think would work well let me know below.

Thanks for reading this noobs topic :hello:

EDIT - I also will be reusing 16GB of 1333 Ram and my current 2tb HDD
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  1. The issue is that current AMD CPUs have very good multithreaded performance for the price, like AMAZING performance for the price, but the issue is that their single thread performance is utter garbage compared to Intel, which hurts it a LOT because most applications still aren't optimized for multithreaded processors.
    EDIT: Also, the power efficiency is pretty bleh too, but that doesn't matter for everyone.
  2. I currently have a i7 2600. From what i believe this model can not be over clocked? It just has the turbo boost to 3.80 if im correct (I do not plan on over clocking, but the 2600k has the ability to be overclocked correct? And imo i don't see any improvements from this "turbo boost")

    If i was to keep this current cpu and get a nice $250-$300 mother board, would it be better for First Person Shooters and both MMO/Single Player RPG gaming then the FX 8350? (This in reply too multithreaded performance)

    And also how well would the 7990 go with my current intel cpu with an upgraded mobo? Not sure on this, but could the cpu bottleneck the performance of the gpu by any chance?
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